Features & Benefits

Everything you need to know about Pima.

Centralized storage for critical security & compliance documents

Pima provides centralized storage for your company's important security & compliance documents. No more emailing legal for the latest NDA or reaching out to a team lead for the latest DPA—everything can be added and tracked right in the Documents and Agreements tabs in Pima.

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Request Centers save you time

Pima lets you set up one or many Request Centers to handle inbound requests for commonly shared documents. A request center can be embedded directly on your own web site, making it easy for prospects to request exactly the documents they want.

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Reduce Requests with Automation

Pima allows for specific documents and agreements to be sent automatically. You can choose whether the requestor receives them immediately or only after signing an NDA. It's a win win—less back and forth for you, instant information for them.

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Templates Rule—So We Have Them 

Using Pima, your Sales team can create and send templatized legal documents and agreements. Storing these templates in Pima makes the process fast and repeatable, resulting in faster turnaround time for critical deals.

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Pima’s data shows that 90% of agreements requested are signed under 15 minutes with no redlining.

Integrate with your existing tools

Pima integrates with Zapier and Slack, so you can be notified wherever you want. Requests for compliance documents can be turned into leads into your favorite CRM, whether you are using Salesforce, Hubspot, or a spreadsheet.

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