How it works.

Three easy steps to get started with Pima.

picture of a Request for a SOC2 report, maybe


Request Center

Upload your most commonly requested documents to Pima, such as SOC2 Reports or Security Policies. Then, decide which ones can be requested on your website via Pima’s embedded Request Center.


NDA Signature

To share these documents, a signed NDA from the requestor is encouraged. With Pima’s one-click NDA process there is no longer a need for long email threads involving Legal and Security.

one click NDA signing process, maybe screen where they access this?
watermarked NDA


Share and Track

Once the NDA is signed, the requestor will receive a watermarked copy of the documents. Pima automatically watermarks your documents with the requestor’s details to reduce fraudulent sharing. All actions are logged for convenience and security.

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