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Pima has partnerships with high quality providers to help companies meet their security and privacy compliance requirements. Our shared goal is to help companies become SOC2 compliant and securely and easily share that accomplishment with their customers.

Here is what you can expect once you join our partner program.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

We set up marketing activities with our partners to promote their solution (webinar, blog posts, etc.)

Preferential Pricing

Your customers will receive discounted pricing on Pima.

Referral Program

Pima will share referrals with you and vice versa.

API Access

Publish documents directly into Pima and let us handle the delivery, logging, and watermarking.

 Our partners

Here are our current partners. They offer a simple and secure way to share compliance documents with their prospects and customers.

Tugboat Logic partners with Pima.appTugboat Logic partners with Pima.appSecuricy partners with Pima.appStrike Graph partners with Pima.appMarana partners with

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