Focus on more important matters.

NDA workflows made easy with Pima. Free up your legal team to do more high-value work.

Involving a legal team too early in the procurement process can result in bottlenecking and back and forth between departments. Set your organization up for success by freeing up your legal team until after a lead is converted into a sale. An organization needs a centralized location where compliance documents and agreements can be stored, tracked, and accessed with ease, without repetitive redlining from legal.

Pima helps you simplify and secure your workflow when sharing sensitive information with your prospective clients.

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Empower your sales team.

Pima helps you close more deals by reducing interdepartmental gridlock. With Pima your sales team will have a secure compliance document sharing process, and you won’t have to be involved in back and forth during the discovery phase.

Get Organized.

Pima provides centralized storage for your company's important security and compliance documents. No more emails asking where to find the latest revision of your NDA, DPA or SOC2 report, etc., now you can store, track, and share documents and agreements right in Pima.

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Reduce risk.

Pima knows security is more important than ever. Pima allows your sales team to share and track agreements before sending confidential information. Keep track of signed agreements and documents and enable secure collaboration. Pima guarantees a legally binding signed agreement stored and tracked within Pima.

Trusted by experts.

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Self-served or Full control

Fully automate the process of sharing confidential documents and agreements with your customers or chose to manually approve each one.

Agreement tracking

Use Pima to share and track Agreements with your prospects and customers before sending confidential documents to them. Pima guarantees a legally binding signed Agreement stored and tracked within Pima.


Slack & Zapier - Get notified on your usual tools when someone requests a document or signs an agreement. Automatically export signed agreements to Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, or any of your favorite tools.


Every document shared is watermarked with the requester's information, including company name, email address, and timestamp.