Who should use Pima?

Anyone who wants to share secure documents with prospects, customers, or vendors. Here are a few examples of common users.

  1. Sales & Marketing

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    Sales & Marketing want to send out SOC2 reports to prospects and customers after becoming compliant. Typically this would be a long email chain between both companies and their legal departments. With Pima, the sales team can skip the back and forth and simply send out the requested documents quickly, easily, and securely.  

  2. Legal

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    Legal can now manage confidential reports in one place, keep track of which ones have been distributed, and to whom. Pima helps to ensure that it's always the latest version being shared and enables the team to remain ultimately in control of these reports.

  3. Security

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    Security teams will benefit from Pima’s watermarking feature to help prevent fraudulent activities.  Document access events are logged into Pima’s portal and alerts can be configured to send notifications of expiring reports.